Nishiguchi Kutsushita

Linen Arm Warmers


The breathable, cool-touch comfort of linen is an ideal weave for light layering, and perfect for sensitive skin. One size only.


76% linen, 18% nylon, 5% polyester, 1% elastane


Do not tumble dry. Wash in laundry net.

Made in Japan.

The Japanese brand NISHIGUCHI KUTSUSHITA has been making socks since 1950. The brand's catchphrase “Hakuhito omoi” conveys a deep consideration for the people who purchase and enjoy the brand's products. Everything, including the materials, designs, knitting methods and prices is thoroughly vetted. By demonstrating a commitment to high quality natural materials and combining new and old technologies and decades of experience, NISHIGUCHI KUTSUSHITA creates true timeless classics. 

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