Pangea Organics

Pangea Organics Body Lotion - Pyrenees Lavender & Cardamom

Key Benefits: Cardamom Essential Oil enhances circulation for more glow Lavender helps soothe skin’s redness and inflammation Aloe helps soften and smooth skin for a more even, hydrated, youthful appearance Coconut Oil helps hydrate and condition for long term overall skin health Drenched in the essence of Mediterranean sunshine, Pangea’s Lavender Essential Oil is a sweet, herbaceous savior for tired bodies and minds. Blended with warming and spicy Cardamom Essential Oil, it becomes a refreshing and tonifying elixir that invigorates the senses and nourishes on all levels. As in nature, your precious body performs over a million miracles a day. Return the favor by nourishing it well—including your skin. Every ingredient in this soothing and clarifying Lotion has been intentionally selected for its ability to help you look and feel amazing. Featuring nutrient-dense Coconut Oil and Aloe, this is an important step in your self-care ritual for maintaining your youthful glow. Lightly scented with our signature Essential Oil blend of Pyrenees Lavender & Cardamom, there are no fillers — only active, organic ingredients designed by Mother Nature to reveal and sustain your inherent beauty. Gluten-free Organic Vegan

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