Pangea Organics

Pangea Organics Body Wash - Canadian Pine & White Sage

Key Benefits: Aloe helps soften and smooth skin for a more even, hydrated, youthful appearance Canadian Pine Essential Oil assists in detoxification for a more glowing, balanced skin tone White Sage Essential Oil offers a feeling of purity and upliftment for body and mind Lavender helps soothe skin’s redness and inflammation There are few things more purifying than time spent in the mountains. Wind in the pines clarifies the soul, and wafting sage refreshes the heart. Lather up, and let your day begin with a journey of rejuvenation and grounding every time you use it. Created with fine, nutrient-rich oils, this long-lasting formula lathers lavishly, and is completely free of synthetics, preservatives, sulfates, and detergents. Gluten-free Organic Vegan 12 FL oz Bioresin bottle

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