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Wool Felt Bootie Slippers (Unisex)


This soft wool bootie by Wild Hearts keeps cold feet cozy and stays on even while lounging. Behold the magic of wool as your feet stay warm (but never hot) and dry (never clammy). Perfect for days spent at home — whether you’re surviving another Zoom call, stepping outside to grab the GrubHub, snuggling up by the fire with a good book, or just binging Netflix.

Fabric content: - 100% wool upper, suede sole

Care Instructions: - Machine wash gentle on cold, shape around foot when wet and let dry

Made in Nepal

About Wild Hearts:

Our luxurious wool felt slippers are handmade at a small, family-owned workshop in Nepal. We maintain a close, personal relationship with our supplier and are proud to support fair wages and safe work for marginalized women in one of the world’s least developed nations. 10% of profits are donated to girls empowerment projects, to support the next generation of wild hearts.

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