Leslie Francesca

Tiny Aquamarine Gemlet Necklace


These little gemlets are electroplated in recycled brass with 24K gold overlay and hang delicately from a 14K gold filled 18" chain.

6mm Stone.


Cleansing, Empowerment, Serenity 

Characteristics: The name aquamarine is derived from the Latin word aqua, meaning water, and marina, meaning the sea. Aquamarine is most often light in tone and ranges from greenish blue to blue-green; the color usually is more intense in larger stones. The blueish green color is caused by iron oxides within the chemical makeup of the stone. This gemstone is mined mainly in Brazil, but also is found in Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan, and Mozambique. 

Energy: Aquamarine is a Water element stone, powerful for cleansing the emotional body and opening communication. Its gentle energy brings emotional patterns to the surface and assists in understanding the reason for holding onto old thoughts or patterns that are limiting forward motion. It allows for better relationships, love and compassion. 

Birthstone: March

Leslie Francesca Designs strives to embrace natural elements within collections of handmade jewelry. No two stones are alike – each piece has it's own unique characteristics, making a collection of jewelry that is perfectly imperfect.

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