Bryan Nash Gill

Artist Bryan Nash Gill creates beautiful, detailed prints of woodcuts—cross sections through trees. Various species of trees are represented: oak, maple, locust, ash, cedar, and more. The prints reveal the unique beauty of each tree, including its history (through its shape and rings) and defining characteristics (bends, branches, and burls). In addition to the trees, there will be prints of dimensional lumber and images of the wood blocks used to create the prints. Behind each work is a laborious process—the book may include an account of this process, including how the artist acquires the trees and what he looks for in the cuts, how he prepares the wood for printing, and how he transfers the details of each cut to paper. It could also be interesting to explore dendrochronology (tree-ring dating).

Hardcover Publication: April 2012 ISBN: 9781616890483 ISBN10: 1616890487

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